Biography of Dr. Joseph T. Barmakian

Born of Necessity...

During his medical training and in his practice, Joseph T. Barmakian, M.D., has witnessed the ordeal of patients' families as they were forced to confront the painful, guilt-ridden decisions of life support, organ donation, medical treatment and a multitude of other difficult choices.

A New Jersey Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Barmakian also felt the frustration of the physicians who didn't have access to an incapacitated patients' wishes regarding what type of care they wanted. These experiences led him to believe that there must be a better way.

In 1996, Dr. Barmakian recognized the need for a registry service that not only recorded patients' advance directives, but also made it easier for health care facilities to obtain the information.

Today, the U.S. Living Will Registry is the fulfillment of Dr. Barmakian's vision. The service provides easy, 24-hour access to a patient's advance directive - free of charge to the patient - while maintaining the registrant's privacy and confidentiality.

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