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Hospitals Outreach to Communities to Mass Register Advance Directives

New Trend Intended to Ensure Peace of Mind and Direction

Westfield, N.J. (June 26, 2000) – In keeping with the latest national health care trend of registering advance directives on a local level, Englewood Hospital, in partnership with the U.S. Living Will Registry, will hold an informational seminar for community leaders on June 27th.  The seminar is in prelude to a mass registration of advance directives later this year.

The step is intended to ensure that a channel of communication is in place to guide doctors in the treatment of seriously ill patients and ease the painful process associated with dealing with the loss of loved ones.

“Englewood Hospital has a long tradition of reaching out to our community and providing the latest technology and practices to ensure we provide the best possible service.  Therefore, it’s only natural that we recognize the benefit of educating the public about advance directives and encourage our community to participate in our upcoming preparation and registration sessions,” said Daniel A. Kane, President and CEO of Englewood Hospital.

To facilitate widespread knowledge of the mass registration, community leaders will be briefed at an open house at the hospital on June 27, 2000.  This informational seminar will inform community leaders of the benefits of advance directives.  The seminar will serve to call upon local church, civic and business leaders to inform their members of two upcoming registration periods to be held in July and later in the fall.

“The registration periods will be open to the public and are intended to provide local residents with the opportunity to prepare advance directives, incorporate them into their hospital records and register them with the U.S. Living Will Registry,” said Dr. Joseph Barmakian, founder of the U.S. Living Will Registry.  Once an advance directive is registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry a person can be rest assured that their wishes will be known and available wherever and whenever they are needed.

“As community leaders, they are able to share valuable information with the community at large, educating and empowering them to make their own decisions regarding health care, should they ever be in a situation where they are unable to make their own decisions,” said Sapna Kapoor, Patient Representative at Englewood Hospital. 

The timing of this latest health care trend is no coincidence, as baby-boomers approach retirement age and strive to retain the quality of life that they worked so hard to achieve.  “Baby-boomers have come to realize that estate planning not only has to do with their real property, but also their health and dignity in the event they become seriously ill or incapacitated,” noted Barmakian.

Hospitals across the country have quickly recognized that the pre-planned, living will document is a tremendous asset.  Not only does it provide a clear, legally binding direction to guide doctors in the treatment of the patient, it also helps family members to know that their loved ones wishes are being fulfilled.

Recently, a similar mass registration was held at Lenoir Memorial Hospital in Kinston, N.C.  The hospital coordinated with a local law firm to prepare over three hundred advance directives.  The documents became a permanent part of the patients’ medical records and were also registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry which can provide the document to hospitals through out the country on a 24-hour a day basis.

The U.S. Living Will Registry is a free nationwide service that stores your advance directive electronically and makes it available 24 hours a day to hospitals across the country.  For more information concerning the services of the U.S. Living Will Registry or to obtain a registration form, please call 1-800-LIV-WILL (1-800-548-9455).  Or visit the U.S. Living Will Registry’s web site:  Registration forms can be downloaded from the web site.




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