Testimonials from Registrants

We ask registrants to submit their comments for posting on this page so that others may get the benefit of their experience with the Registry. All contributors to this page have given the Registry permission to post their comments on the Internet. Names have been withheld by request. If you would like to submit your comments, please send them to the address below, and be sure to specify that you are giving your permission for us to post your comments on this web page.

U.S. Living Will Registry
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"The U.S. Living Will Registry has been for not only myself but my husband and family a "God Sent". I am thankful my husband keeps abreast of current events always listening to radio and T.V. as well as reading a newspaper that he heard about the organization. We are all glad he did. I have recommended and requested information be sent to our local physician. Keep up the good work."

--Name withheld, Cortlandt Manor, New York

"I wholeheartedly recommend advance directives and registration with the U.S. Living Will Registry. My directive is registered additionally at our local hospital and a copy is in my physician's records.
I feel it is important that my desires are known-in advance-to the medical caregivers most likely to provide early care in case of any emergency. It is far easier-in my opinion-to prevent extreme measures initially rather than to have them withdrawn after starting!
I also have your sticker attached to my driver's license.
Thank you-I wish you continued support. Keep up the good work!"

--Name withheld, Kinston, North Carolina

"I am so thankful for this service and the peace of mind it gives me. I was skeptical at first but have found the registry easy to work with and very private and cooperative. I would recommend the registry to anyone."

--Name withheld, Alamogordo, New Mexico

"I am very glad I registered my advanced directive. As caregiver for my mother, my father, and my stepmother I cannot express the peace of mind that registering gives. My husband and daughter will never go through the stress of wondering if they are acting according to my wishes. It will be very clear for them. In a way, making my advanced directive is protecting my husband and daughter, even when I am seriously ill. When a loved one is seriously ill is the worst possible time to deal with the subtleties and ramifications of hospital and legal bureaucracies. This will free them from a lot of those worries."

--Name withheld, Kingston, Washington

"We registered because we move often and travel a great deal. We wanted our wishes carried out by the medical profession no matter where we happened to be. They have access this way. We have not been hassled in any way because of this registration, and we highly recommend this service."

--Felton M., Westchester, Pennsylvania

"I, as a physician, and my wife, as a registered nurse, registered with the "U.S. Living Will Registry" because we feel it is a wonderful service available to everyone who wishes to have confidence their desires will be honored at a time they may not be in a position to make those critical instructions known themselves. It negates the necessity to carry "instructions" with you, or to have to burden family or friends with responsibilities they may not wish to have. We have recommended this service to other family members and friends.  Thank you very much for providing a much needed way to have our advanced directives available 24 hrs/day to those health care providers who will be able to honor our wishes."

--Name withheld, Lahaina, Hawaii

"I recently had knee replacement surgery. They requested proof of a living will. I was most grateful that we were registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry. Thank you."

--Name withheld, Phoenix, Arizona

"I registered my wife's and my advanced directives with you because access to it could be obtained by any hospital or other facility by contacting your organization should such a need arise. Your sticker affixed to my Medicare Card is a very convenient way to let anyone who needs to know whether I have such a directive, since I do not carry a copy with me. I am glad I did. I do think your organization provides a valuable service.”

--William H., Maplewood, New Jersey

"Our experience with the U.S. Living Will Registry has been all positive. We feel assured that our registration is immediately available to prevent any possible mistake from occurring…by accident or otherwise."

--Jack P., Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

"I registered my wishes with U.S. Living Will Registry because it is comforting to know my family will not bear the burden of having to make this decision, these are my wishes.

You have to be involved in such a crisis to know how it really affects family members. For me, I have taken steps to insure that when and if this situation occurs, my family will not be the ones to make this decision.

U.S. Living Will Registry provides a valuable service and I would strongly recommend others to register their advance directives with the Registry.”

--Henry D., Fredericksburg, Virginia

“It makes a lot of sense.  Yes I’m very happy to have ‘planned’ in advance.  I have never been bothered by the L.W.R. people.  Once I signed on that was it.  I recommend it for anyone who is thoughtful and cares for the people around him.  Just to know it will be so much easier for them, should anything happen to me.”

--William N., Meriden, Connecticut

“I don’t have to bring my living will with me but just look it up on the Internet, which relieves me from any problem.”

--Name withheld, Toms River, New Jersey

“As a single, senior citizen—I feel the U.S. Living Will Registry is the only responsible and convenient manner to make your wishes known should you become ill or incapacitated due to an accident or extreme medical circumstances.

Why put added burden and stress on relatives or friends, who many times don’t know what your wishes are should death or severe mental deprivation occur?

Too many of us procrastinate about our own true beliefs when the question of death or permanent mental incapacitation is put before us!

There wasn’t much you could do about your birth—but you do have much to say, and document, about your death!  As the sports slogan says, ‘Just Do It.’”

--Larry B., South Bend, Indiana

“I am very comforted to have a place to keep my Final Requests and know that they may be retrieved when or if needed.  I am glad that you provide a Nation Wide Service, as I travel frequently.  When I travel I always carry my Living Will and other related documents with me.  Some states will not adhere to these documents when you are in an accident in their state.  But, they will contact the ‘Registry’ and then abide by your decisions.  So, it is very beneficial to be registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry.  Everyone needs to have their wishes in writing.  If they want to be an organ donor or not; if they want to be on life supports or not!  I highly recommend that everyone make their wishes known by registering with this valuable service.

I have been at the death of my Grandmother as she passed from this life to Heaven.  She did not want to be kept alive ‘on some old machine.’   She died with dignity at 94 years of age.

I was at the death of my Husband when he passed from this life to Heaven.  Cancer took his life at age 50.  He signed a Living Will stating that he did not want to be kept alive on machines.  When the Lord calls you name, it is your time to be with him.  Yes, I wanted my Husband here with me but not kept alive only by a machine.

My Mother had surgery last year.  ON the fifth day of recovery she coded in my arms and was put on machines in ICU for five days.  She had no idea what was going on or where

she was or even why she was there.  After two weeks, when she had regained some control of herself, she signed a Living Will.  She said that she never wants to be put through anything like that again.  She is also registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry.  Since then most of my family has registered. 

I have seen death in many forms and quality of life is very important to me.  I do not want to be on machines just to keep my body alive. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to voice my opinions and concern about the service you provide and the experiences I have endured.”


A Very Satisfied Registrant

--Name Withheld, Saginaw, Texas

“I believe the U.S. Living Will Registry is very beneficial.  It gives the people you named extra confidence to follow your wishes.  By having it on my driving license, my wishes would be carried out even if I were away from home.”

--Michael N., New City, New York

“Great idea”

--Name Withheld, Waldo, Kansas

“It’s a great satisfaction to know the information and my wishes are there for both doctors and the hospital.”

--Name Withheld, Elmira Heights, New York

“Have not heard from anyone connected with the registry.  In fact I forgot about it.  I feel that doing this while my faculties are up to parr is important and it relieves my children of making decisions that I might not like.  I think everyone should make use of the registry.”

--Clara B., Horseheads, New York

“It is a very secure feeling to have my living will recorded on the U.S. Living Will Registry.  This service provides immediate access to this vital information at anytime.”

--Name Withheld, Warsaw, North Carolina

“The U.S. Living Will Registry provides a valuable service and I have encouraged friends to take advantage of the service.  Through registration of my advance directive I have a sense of security in knowing that my wishes will be honored where ever I am when the need arises.”

--Name Withheld, North Carolina

“My mother had a living will and it was wonderful to be able to follow her wishes as severe dementia claimed her mind.”

--Sue W., LaGrange, North Carolina

“A very worthwhile exercise.  I recommend my university undergraduate students to consider registering, and provide them with an Internet link.  I am an instructor in Medical Ethics at S.U.N.Y. Buffalo.”

--Robert W., Colden, New York

“It gives me peace of mind to know that my life won’t be prolonged if there is no quality of life left.  Hopefully, my family will benefit financially rather than draining all resources.”

--Name Withheld, Grifton, North Carolina

“I have a satisfied mind that when it’s time to go I will be let go.  I do not fear the hereafter--it’s a natural part of life.”

--William T., Grifton, North Carolina

“I registered my advance directive because:

1)      I work in health care, and I am aware of what a valuable resource this service is.

2)      In the unfortunate event of a catastrophic illness or accident, I wanted to ensure that anyone who needs to knows of my wishes.  It’s also comforting to know that if an event such as this should happen away from home, the information is available nationwide.

I would encourage anyone who cares about themselves, their families, and their fellow man to register with the U.S. Living Will Registry.”

--Rebecca K., Elmira Heights, New York

“I did this so it takes the burden off my children.  They do not have to worry about making any life altering decisions.  I also do not want any prolonged life that would not have any quality.”

--Isabella B., Franklin Park, Illinois

“Do not want to live life and have no control over.”

--Name Withheld, Kinston, North Carolina

“Excellent way to keep records safe.”

--Name Withheld, Kinston, North Carolina

“I register in advance my directive because one never knows when we become incapacitated to give directives to family members.  I’m glad I did so I feel very comfortable with my decision.  I highly recommend this to people of all ages.”

--Name Withheld, Kinston, North Carolina

“My husband—Wilson and I are well pleased to know a hospital or Dr. can call you for Info. when we both reach a point we are no longer able to give the info. needed.  We travel a lot, knowing your number is on our ID cards is a great consolation to us.  Thank you.”

--Hattie W., Kinston, North Carolina

“I registered and advanced my directive because my wishes are where I want them to be.  I’m glad I did that and encourage others to do so.  I think the U.S. Living Will Registry will provide a very valuable service for me and be of much help to my family.   I strongly encourage others to use the Registry.  Thank you very much.  In Christian Love,”

--Beulah N., Kinston, North Carolina

“I worked in a small ICU unit in the hospital.  I saw people being kept alive only by machine.  I would not want that for myself.  If I can’t return to a normal full productive life, then it isn’t worth living.  I highly recommend to anyone who would not want to be kept alive artificially to register their wishes while they can.  I would not want to become no more than a vegetable lying in a bed and I’m sure there are a lot more people who feel the same way.”

--Name Withheld, LaGrange, North Carolina

“I believe this is a great service to people that would like to make their request known.  I would highly suggest individuals to take advantage of this service—it’s free—what could be better!  I have never been bothered, received mail; only for updates on your living status.  Thanks for offering this service.”

--Lecia S., Columbia, South Carolina

“I would recommend everyone to have a living will.  Since signing & getting mine, I have finally had a little peace of mind knowing if it is honored I will not be hooked up to a lot of machines and kept alive when I can no longer be in control of my body functions.  As one gets older they have to think about this even if they do not want to.  Modern medicine can now keep a person’s heart pumping indefinitely though they otherwise would be dead.  It is my worst nightmare to be kept alive this way with pumps/tubes & whatever & some one changing my diaper.  To me this would be HELL.  I would also advise younger people to do this because a car accident or many other things can put them in the same place.  They have to think—Do I want to live like that?  What would it do to my family both mentally & financially & do I want them to have to go thru this kind of pain?  We put sick animals out of their misery in this country yet we let human beings suffer & humiliate themselves even when their wishes are known.  Explain that one.  Thank you for providing this service.”

--Lucille S., Dover, North Carolina

"This is the best thing I have seen for access to my living will. Until now my doctor and wife had to provide copies."

--David P., Crownsville, Maryland

"There is a sense of peace, knowing that the Living Will is in place.  This takes the burden off of my family and at the same time, what I wish for myself will be done."

--Barbara F., Juneau, Alaska

"Thank you for helping us to be protected, it is nice to know that my rights are covered."

--William F., Juneau, Alaska

"I recommend every person sign an advance directive (and have it registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry) to ensure your wishes will be followed and relieve your family of this burden."

--Name Withheld, Beckley, West Virginia

"I am so glad I found you.  To have one source for all medical personnel to get my information is a blessing."

--Joan W., Edina, Minnesota

"My wife has been hospitalized 4x in the last 18 months.  Peace of mind when doctors ask me does Kathleen have a Living Will.  When I say the living will is on file at U.S. Living Will Registry--the doctors know of the organization and say to me that was a smart thing to do.  Immediate access.  Thanks again."

--Francis C., Durham, North Carolina

"Thanks to the registry I have peace of mind when traveling.  I know that any hospital in the country can access my living will.  Thank you for supplying this valuable service."

--John K., Edgewater, New Jersey

"I'm glad this service exists as an assurance that my advance will exists and will be readily accessible when needed."

--Name Withheld, Alexandria, Virginia

"I think the U.S. Living Will Registry is an excellent service, especially for travelers.  Should one become injured and/or incapacitated while away from home, the Registry offers a vital link to your own wishes as to decisions regarding your life and death, at the same time relieving loved ones of that responsibility."

--Sally S., Juneau, Alaska

"This is the only way to have your wishes, in regards to your life, completed as you requested at times you cannot speak or write."

--Frederick S., West Windsor, New Jersey

"This is a much needed service.  I teach practical nursing and I inform my students of this valuable service."

--Name Withheld, Wooster, Ohio

"If only everything else in my life could be handled so efficiently..."

--Mimi S., Spring Valley, New York

"Registration with the U.S. Living Will Registry provides peace of mind that we could not have otherwise imagined.  My U.S. Living Will Registry sticker is attached to my health insurance ID card in my wallet to ensure that it will be found/seen when needed."

--Charles B., Little Rock, Arkansas

"I'm very pleased with the service provided by the U.S. Living Will Registry and highly recommend this service.  It gives me the assurance that my instructions for medical care will be followed, and are easily available, in the event of a medical emergency."

--Name Withheld, Towanda, Pennsylvania

"I am very glad that I have registered my advance directive with U.S. Living Will Registry.  I think you provide a wonderful service for those of us who want the medical community to respect our wishes. 

I registered my advance directive after spending time at the hospital with a dear aunt who had suffered a massive stroke.  I was so impressed that she had US LIV WILL stickers on her license and health insurance cards.  These stickers allowed her children to direct her health care according to her wishes.  The doctor was very respectful of her advance directive.  Within a week of her death I called 1-800-LIV-WILL to request the paper work required to be in your registry.

I thank all of you at U.S. Living Will Registry who make it possible for those of us who wish to direct our health care."

--Name Withheld, Slingerlands, New York

"I would recommend this service because it is a way for me to exercise my individual rights and have control of my future medical decisions."

--Name Withheld, Richmond, Virginia

"Took the stress out of getting my will in order before surgery.  One less thing for me to worry about and it was all FREE!"

--Tawny R., Arlington, Texas

"The registry gives me peace of mind to know that those who need to be contacted in case of my disability or death will be contacted with information I have specifically provided in my Living Trust."

--Name Withheld, Evanston, Illinois

"This registry gives us peace of mind.  Since my health care representative for our trust lives in another state, this is sure to aid us in emergencies if anything would happen while traveling.  The registry's annual update notification process is terrific.  They ensure we're up-to-date."

--Name Withheld, Noblesville, Indiana

"This is an invaluable service-especially if one is traveling and away from friends and family when a mishap occurs."

--Mark S., Eden Prairie, Minnesota

"Just knowing that when my time comes, I won't have to be kept alive by machines & the family won't have to make that decision, because I already have, that gives me a great peace of mind."

--Arlene B., Kinston, North Carolina

"Our attorney recommended the Living Will Registry.  I'm glad we haven't had to use it, but it is comforting to know it's available."

--Name Withheld, Burke, Virginia

"I feel much safer knowing my will has been registered and is available to those who might need it.  Other than renewing (no charge) my registration there is nothing else to do and no one to bother me.  I think it's great that this service is available."

--Carla B., Miami, Florida

"I registered so in the event the need arose when I was away from my home area my advance directive could be accessed.  I had my local Emergency Room place a "test call" and it worked."

--Chester S., Wausau, Wisconsin

"I am most grateful for this service.  As a health care professional, I am very familiar with the difficulty of presenting an advance directive at the time of admission to an acute care facility.  Making this most important document, i.e. advance directive, available when you are non-decisional assures that your wishes are honored, as well as greatly assisting your health care representatives with the written support needed in backing-up the medical decision they make on your behalf.  Finally, less you have your advance directive tattooed on your chest, I travel with the peace of mind that my medical wishes are made known if I should become seriously ill away from home."

--Lawrence H., Hoffman Estates, Illinois

"When my mother was ill, my father suppressed her living will and made health care choices counter to her wishes.  I don't want him to do that to me."

--Name Withheld, Douglas, Arkansas

"The U.S. Living Will Registry provides a valuable service.  It gives me peace of mind knowing that my living will is registered and that my wishes will be carried out when I die.  I also registered my will with the U.S. Living Will Registry.  Even though I'm not that old, it was important to me to take care of these matters now instead of someone having to deal with it when I die."

--Name Withheld, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Stickers on drivers license is best way to inform as to location and content of living will."

--David P., Punta Gorda, Florida

"A vital service provided by an excellent organization."

--Eric A., Wappingers Falls, New York

"I registered because I don't want any "surprises" for my family to deal with if I become incapacitated.  My family members all have copies of my living will but probably don't know where they are.  With the U.S. Living Will Registry I have additional comfort that my wishes will be heeded."

--Patricia M., Solon, Ohio

"I would highly recommend the U.S. Living Will Registry to others due to the fact that it will take unnecessary stress and guilt off of my loved ones as to whether or not I should be put on life support and if so for how long.

It also gives me the peace of mind in knowing that my wishes have been expressed and will be honored.

I think the U.S. Living Will Registry provides a very valuable service and am thankful that I have the final say through someone I know I can trust rather than leave the decision up to someone else who may not honor my wishes and let me leave with dignity."

--Danny Lee P., Moneta, Virginia

"Gives your family peace of mind."

--Stephanie F., Springfield, Virginia

"My attorney recommended the U.S. Living Will Registry.  After he explained it to me, it seemed like one of those 'Gosh. Now why didn't I think of that' ideas."

--Sally Z., Athens, Ohio

"Having the U.S. Living Will Registry as part of my estate plans is wonderful peace of mind.  I am also very appreciative for the automatic annual renewal of registration in order to keep my file up to date.  It is one less thing to worry about in our hectic lives!"

--Name Withheld, Oak Hill, Virginia

"Having a Living Will gives me peace of mind because it clearly tells my children what my wishes are if I become seriously ill and not able to communicate how I wish to die.  My husband had a severe heart attack in 2000 and his living will gave us the strength and courage to allow him to pass peacefully and with dignity.  Because his doctors had a copy, they gave us full cooperation in not putting him on life support."

--Ann D., Westwood, New Jersey

"The U.S. Living Will Registry provides a very useful and unique service."

--Name Withheld, Sand Gap, Kentucky

"My husband and I love the living will registry.  It's easy to start and we don't have to remember to keep it current/updated because of the yearly reminders.  It's nice to have one less thing to worry about but yet it is a very important and vital thing to take care of.  It's also wonderful that something so important is free to people.  Thank you so much for your service."

--Donna N., West Allis, Wisconsin

"Life should be more than subsistence.  Life should be beautiful.  And I registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry to live life on those terms."

--Chad D., Los Angeles, California

"A very easy way to access important documents at stressful times."

--Albert L., Scottsmoor, Florida

"July and August of 2001, I had 2 major surgeries.  Not knowing the outcome of either one, I prepared all of my needed documentation, one of which was registering with the U.S. Living Will Registry.  My surgeons as well as the hospital were given a copy.  I have passed the information along to friends and family and as of 2002 part of my family has also registered with you.  It will make the burden for my family easier in the event something may happen.  Thank you for your service."

--Karen S., Tucson, Arizona

"My husband passed on 12-01-01 and he was cremated.  It was so nice to have everything taken care of.  People we dealt with as a family were very kind and compassionate. Thank you."

--Shirley O., Ellenton, Florida

"This way my wishes will be known and no one will have to guess.  The choice is mine--no fighting about it."

--Name Withheld, Fort Worth, Texas

"Everyone should be listed with U.S. Living Will Registry--as it reflects your wishes should you die, or be in an accident, where you are not able to respond to treatment.  It cuts through all the "red tape" and legal hassles that will arise if you don't have a living will registered!  And one that's accessibleOne call, by a doctor or law enforcement agency to the Registry will save countless hours of waiting; both for medical staff, friends and relatives, thus saving precious time--time that could even save your life!  So do it!"

--Name Withheld, South Bend, Indiana

"I am so glad my attorney told me about the living will registry.  It is a comfort to know that any medical care provider has immediate access to my living will."

--Name Withheld, Yakima, Washington

"I appreciate the convenience of electronic access to my emergency and end-of-life documents, relieving me of the need to pack copies of my wishes prior to each trip I take and relieving luggage weight on overseas trips."

--Nancy D., Bradenton, Florida

"Thankfully I haven't had to use this yet, but it's comforting to know it'll be here when I need it."

--Catherine T., S. Yarmouth, Massachusetts

"I think the U.S. Living Will Registry provides a valuable service.  My registration with them allows health care professionals access to my wishes should I be injured and not able to voice my decisions for health care.

I have recommended this service to both family and friends, as well as to those with whom I have had only a casual contact."

--Name Withheld, Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania

"Thank you, Living Will Registry for providing a valuable and much needed service.  It's a no brainer:  everyone should sign up.  We have only to gain from it.  Thanks."

--Amy C., San Francisco, California

"I feel much more safe and secure knowing U.S. Living Will Registry has my records on my wishes, ready and available for physicians.  In case of an emergency I want my doctors to have all the information on me that they might need.  With the U.S. Living Will Registry, I know that is possible.  Thank you, Living Will Registry."

--Ann Z., Dallas, Texas

"The U.S. Living Will Registry is a source of comfort to my wife to my son and to me.  I have seen situations where an advance directive before a terminal illness would have been so helpful to both the family and to medical personnel.  We sincerely appreciate the service that the Registry provides.  I recommend the services of the Registry to everyone."

--Baird B., Boone, North Carolina

"Living Will has given me peace of mind.  Although none of us really wants to die...we also know that it is inevitable!  It's nice to know that our wishes will be known and followed!  I, for one, have already talked to my daughters and told them of my wishes and sent them both copies of my will.  I also told them that I have taken that final decision away from them.  There will be no guilt feelings! I have already made the decisions!

So thank you Living Will...when the time comes, I'm sure my family will have enough on their minds without worrying about my will!"

--Tony S., Winnemucca, Nevada

"Personally, the Living Will Registry is a great way to remove the burden from family when an unfortunate crisis occurs.  I'm glad to know that my wishes will be carried out without question."

--Kathy K., Olmsted Falls, Ohio

"I registered my advance directive with the U.S. Living Will Registry so that it can be readily and easily provided and my wishes be made quickly known to the concerned health care provider(s) in the unfortunate event that it becomes necessary.  There is no point in making a living will if it is not available and accessible to those health care providers when needed.

I am glad I registered in order to have my wishes made known and carried out when necessary.  The U.S. Living Will Registry was recommended to me by the attorney who drew up my will and my advance directive.  I presume that the attorney would not have recommended them if they did not provide a valuable service well.  So far I have not become aware of any reasons to think otherwise."

--Name Withheld, New York, New York

"I filed with your Registry for several vital reasons:
1)  Peace of mind (for myself, family & my partner)
2)  To ensure that my directions were done
3)  Because it's the least I could do for the ones I love."

--Earnest M., Kansas City, Kansas

"Once I was talking to a lady about the sick.  This person said how the one that was sick had some form of paper that stated what was not to be done in her illness.  I learned that it was called a Living Will.  I looked into getting information because I wanted a Living Will.

My friend took care of everything (all paper work) and mailed out to me to get it documented.  Yes, I believe your services are valuable and helpful, needful.  Nevertheless, I have not had the medical need.

Yes, I'm very glad I have the U.S. Living Will Registry, because I feel protected against getting any treatment not approved by me in case of emergency.

I surely have told others and my Will is posted on the visable wall to their right as they (anyone) enters my home.

I feel secure with the U.S. Living Will Registry information in my wallet on the driver's license and Medicare card.

Thanks Sincerely,"

--Name Withheld, Gloucester County, New Jersey

"I recently was admitted to a heart hospital.  Having my advanced directive registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry made my admission process smoother and quicker.  I also feel confident that the sticker on my health care card will help everyone involved if and when I need to use my advanced directive."

--Danialle R., Vermillion, South Dakota

"The Living Will Registry allows me to notify providers of my wishes and to be nationally accessible.  It also allows my family one number to call in time of need.  Thanks for the service."

--Karen G., Dallas, Texas

"We were driving to Colorado from our home and went through South Dakota to visit the Badlands and Mount Rushmore.  I got an infection and was looking for treatment on the weekend in Rapid City, SD.  The only facility available was a Regional Medical Center/Hospital.  As I was checking in, they asked for my Medical Insurance Card, I gave it to the woman, who started to transcribe the information from it, and noticed the sticker on the card "I'm Registered, U.S. Living Will Registry 1-800-LIV-WILL" and asked me about the sticker.  I explained that if I was incapacitated, or they needed to know the contents of my living will, they could call the number and my advance directive would be faxed to them.  She was excited and called over the two other people working in the same area to show them, and asked how I had found out about the Registry.  I told them our lawyer registered us when he put together our living trust.

It pointed out for me that the sticker is noticed, now I only have to get some more stickers since moving them from one insurance card to another causes them to get beat up pretty bad."

--James W., Kenosha, Wisconsin

"How wonderful that some care enough to operate the living will registry!  I now have complete peace of mind regarding the end of my life.  I have relieved my loved ones of heartbreaking decisions under great emotional stress.  I urge everyone to use the living will registry & the valuable services offered."

--Karen S., Eaton, Ohio

"Registration is fast, easy and brings the peace of mind knowing it can be accessed anywhere.  The U.S. Living Will Registry is something everyone should consider."

--Name Withheld, Ingleside, Illinois

"I registered because I was pregnant and due to deliver in a Lovelace Hospital and wanted to give input to possible treatment, if necessary.

Because I have not had the chance to put the advance directive into specific use I cannot speak to its value for others, but I am glad to have access to such a service should I need it."

--Dory L., Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry for peace of mind.  In the event I am unable to speak for myself, I know my wishes will be honored.  I didn't want my husband or children to be faced with any difficult and emotional decision without knowing how I would handle such situations.  I think this is an extremely valuable service which should be used by everyone!"

--Pamela H., Orland, Florida

"Your website features a lot of information that's easy to access.  You offer a convenient and invaluable service to the public and even provide state specific forms.  Thank you for providing all of it for FREE!  Also, your website was conveniently on the first page of a google.com search for 'living will'."

--An N., Chicago, Illinois

"It is a big relief to know this information is available in an emergency if I am not near my home hospital or doctor."

--Rena P., Chicago, Illinois

"Excellent yearly reminder to keep information up to date.  Sure gives me peace of mind."

--Name Withheld, Noblesville, Indiana

"I manage 2 critical care units--I know first hand how difficult it is to obtain copies of patient's wishes.  This service gives the ultimate decision to have their wishes known to the writer.  It relieves the family/friends from the burden of locating it at what is many times a most difficult period.  Thank you for giving me the peace of mind this service provides."

--Elizabeth P., Haskell, New Jersey

"Our attorney informed us of the Living Will Registry when we were drawing up wills and a trust agreement.  I think this is a very valuable service.  Our children will only need tell any health care provider that an advance directive is on file.  They will not have to rummage through papers to find the directive in case it is needed.  This brings a great deal of peace of mind and I recommend your service to anyone filling out an advance directive."

--Virginia M., Manassas, Virginia

"I registered because my mother is a nurse in a hospital and said she sees a lot of patients who come in without any kind of will.  If the patient should go into a coma or something else--it leaves the family turned around in what to do.  I never understood the importance of having any kind of will until I had a child of my own."

--Tammy D., Woodbridge, Virginia

"We travel frequently since retiring and were always concerned how our medical needs would be met in the event of accident or illness.  It is less worrisome knowing our desires for a living will is registered and hospitals have access to that info."

--Name withheld, Yelm, Washington

"I was recently in the hospital for surgery.  Prior to my admission I was asked for a copy of my advanced directive.  I was able to provide them with a copy without a problem."

--Brenda B., Burke, Virginia

"Living Will Registry is the best way to secure a will.  It's a safe protected location where families can find it quickly and easily.  The regular reminders keep key contacts up to date and you can re-order stickers to update your driver's license with Living Will contact numbers."

--Stephanie F., Springfield, Virginia

"A valuable service which I have recommended to family and friends."

--Michael M., Reston, Virginia

"I did this to help my family.  The family will be in enough sadness and pain if I get to this point and they would not want to do anything.  I just don't want  them to have to decide this.

I'm very glad I did this.

I think it is great that your provide this service.  I think it is great that you send out the little stickers to put on your insurance card and your license.

Everyone should do this so the family will not have this to worry about."

--Name withheld, Cooleemee, North Carolina

"I registered my advance directive with U.S. Living Will Registry upon the advice from my attorney."

--Denise G., Avon, Indiana

"The U.S. Living Will Registry gives you and your family peace of mind that your wishes are known and will be carried out.  This is so important you should not wait one more day."

--Karen C., Rio Rancho, New Mexico

"It feels good to have taken the time to think through and write down my most likely preferences for end of life decisions.  It feels good to know that I've shared those preferences with my loved ones and that they understand them.  Finally, it feels good to know that my preferences are filed with the Living Will Registry, and that health care providers can access them when they are needed."

--Philip C.

"I registered my advance directives with the U.S. Living Will Registry to ensure that a hospital follows my wishes because of 2 possible complications:

1.  As a lesbian, I worry that a hospital will not allow my life-partner to make decisions for me even though she has been given as much legal standing as possible.

2.  No next of kin lives near me plus I travel a great deal therefore the Registry could assist a hospital in making a decision if the hospital could not contact my life-partner or a family member in a timely manner.

I feel a sense of relief in knowing that my advance directives can be followed even though I, my life-partner, or family member may not be able to communicate my wishes to a hospital.  I find this service valuable and highly recommend it to others."

--Name withheld, New York City, New York

"After watching friends and relatives suffer needlessly I can now rest a little easier after signing up with the registry."

--Janice O., Cedaredge, Colorado

"The U.S. Living Will Registry gives me peace of mind.  As a nurse, I have often seen the pain and confusion that occur when a loved one is ill and unable to make decisions.  Frequently family members are torn and argue over what to do.  The Registry records my wishes and since my family lives out of state, I know wherever I am, and whatever happens, my wishes will be made known."

--Christine P., Indianapolis, Indiana

"I registered a directive because I know my family won't be able to carry out my wishes.  My biggest fear is to be trapped in my body and I can't count on others to make such a painful decision for me at a time like that.  I do not know if these documents will stand up in court, but I hope they do.  The U.S. Living Will Registry makes it very easy to set up your living will.  I keep the sticker on my license and I can only hope everyone follows my instructions."

--Geraldine F., Rockland, Massachusetts

"Yes, I feel it's a good thing to have a Living Will.  It is comforting to know I made this decision myself and my family doesn't have to feel burdened with this responsibility."

--Name withheld, Closter, New Jersey

"I recommend this service because it provides an independent and easily accessible record of my living will."

--James T., Alexandria, Virginia

"I want my wishes to be carried out should the opportunity ever present itself.  This U.S. Living Will Registry is a quick and useful way to get one's message to the person(s) responsible to carry out one's desires.  It will eliminate the family from having to make decisions."

--Name withheld, Dobson, North Carolina

"I like knowing that I can travel and my living will is available should it be needed.  It's just one thing I don't have to remember to put in my suitcase."

--Charlene M., Bloomington, Indiana

"I am a registered nurse and work in an emergency department.  I have seen first hand how difficult it is to make the decision to donate organs of a loved one.  It can give such a good feeling knowing that a loved one goes on living and helping others after death.  It is so much easier if a person has made this decision known to their loved ones before this difficult decision must be made."

--Carolann S., Medina, Texas

"It's the peace of mind that you provide.  It provides a service that allows me not to have to worry about while fighting the battle against cancer."

--Name withheld, Sparta, New Jersey

"Being registered with Living Will gives me confidence that my wishes will be followed in the event of an emergency.  I believe this will be a help and comfort to my family at a time when decisions for them could be difficult."

--Name withheld, Pound Ridge, New York

"It is important to have a living will.  Anyone who finds themselves going to a hospital will be asked to provide one.  Usually their loved ones must secure it and bring it to the hospital.  This registry helps alleviate the need to get this document at a stressful time and allows you and your loved ones to think about and address other matters.  It is a wonderful service."

--Name withheld, Pembroke Pines, Florida

"Living Will Registry eliminates loved ones having to make a guilt-ridden decision during grieving."

--Charles B., Little Rock, Arkansas

"I think this is great that we are able to do all of this in one spot, and for free.  This is a great organization."

--Kimberly B., Billingsport, New Jersey

"It gives me comfort to know my well thought out last wishes concerning my health and welfare will be available to those providing services when or if I should ever need them.  As life continues to show us, there is a real possibility such needs will need to be met.

By using this valued service the U.S. Living Will Registry offers, I also hope to make decisions on my behalf easier for those who must deal with them.  I do, and have, recommended this service to family, friends, and acquaintances."

--Name withheld, Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania

"I have given a copy of my living will to all of my children and my husband.  I think it is of the utmost importance that everyone close to me knows what I want.  This registry now lets all of our health care providers know also.  My mind is at ease."

--Name withheld, Stanley, North Carolina

"I was very interested in being able to make my wishes known concerning being kept alive by artificial means, when most reasonable hope of a recovery was determined.  I didn't want family to have to be faced with those kind of decisions at a bad time.  I had an advanced health care directive since 1996, but when we moved to another state, I found out I had to do it again there.  That's when I found out about the U.S. Living Will Registry.  I was glad to enter the registry for the security and convenience of knowing that the people/agencies who would need my information would have easy access to it."

--Linda R., Holland, Massachusetts

"This is a wise choice as a backup to your attorney."

--Name withheld, Noblesville, Indiana

"I find it such a relief, and I do believe a relief to my loved ones also, that no one has to take the responsibility for decisions, especially such irrevocable decisions, that affect my life.  The decisions have already been made--by ME!  So, I not only put my relatives minds at ease--but more importantly--my own mind at ease--knowing that I--ME--have already made the decisions!

There will be no feelings of guilt, only following the decisions that I myself made and want carried out!

I always wondered if my wishes would be carried out as I wanted them!   You get - yes, of course I will - but still wonder - "when the time comes-will they honor their promises to me?"

So, I put my mind at ease, knowing that my wishes are on record - Made by Me!

Thank you U.S. Living Will Registry!"

--Tony S., Winnemucca, Nevada

"I registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry as soon as I learned of it.  I am disabled, live alone & don't really know anyone in my area.  I have parents but did not want them to have any rights over me in emergencies, etc.  I wanted my son to have complete control cut and dried, legally.  Now he does and I finally have peace of mind, I don't have to worry or doubt that what I want, won't happen.  My relief at knowing this is beyond words.  Thank you."

--Diana R., Prescott Valley, Arizona

"I appreciate you taking the time to ask me if I have any comments, too often the people directly involved are forgotten and the "experts" seem to be the only people whose opinion matters.

I would like to see this service added to the State of Alaska Department of Motor Vehicle, Driver's license and Vehicle registration procedures.  We have an organ donor procedure that is discussed with every person who applies for his/her driver's license, why not add the living will registry also?  This service would be great and would keep the government out of a person's life.  I don't want the State of Alaska involved in my most private directives, I don't want Alaska involved like Florida has done recently.

As a police officer it would be great to have the knowledge of a living will attached to a person's vehicle registration, I have been to thousands of serious auto accidents and if I had knowledge of a possible living will it would be great to pass this information on to the ER doctors, etc.  The driver's license tags are great however many times we cannot find any identification on a driver or passenger and if the information was attached to the DMV motor vehicle registration, I think that law enforcement would be very pleased to pass this information on."

--B.C.M., Skagway Police Department, Skagway, Alaska

"U.S. Living Will Registry provides a prompt and accurate point of reference in the event it is needed--especially while family is in a state of confusion."

--Name withheld, Prescott, Arizona

"I registered my advanced directive so that there would be a sure way to have my wishes available at any time should it be needed. 

I feel confident that I made a wise choice in having it registered and feel it is a valuable and important service.  I have told many friends about the registry and encouraged them to use it."

--Name withheld, Brick, New Jersey

"My wife and I are delighted that we registered our living will documents with U.S. Living Will Registry.  It is a comforting feeling to know that in an emergency our desires for emergency care are registered with access to any authorized person(s).

The stickers identifying us as registered with U.S.L.W.R. are on all legal identification so as to ensure notification of documents that are registered with you.

I appreciate your annual request for updating our living will registered with you.  I recommend this registry be done by everyone."

--Name withheld, St. Pete, Florida

"With families living far from each other it may be difficult for a relative to get to the hospital in time.  And although your family and partner are close, what if something happens and you can't make your wishes known?  Living will registry can help in both cases."

--Name withheld, Holliston, Massachusetts

"We think it's extremely important to have your wishes known when you are unable to speak for yourself.  My mother had a living will and it was useful at the end of her life--as she was suffering and could not speak.  You definitely provide a useful service and I have recommended it to others.  Thank you!"

--Wayne H., Phoenix, Arizona

"It is essential for everyone to have a living will to make sure one's final wishes are followed.  By having a living will, you save your loved ones from making agonizing decisions during a most emotional and traumatic time.  The living wills do not take a lot of time to do and are so very important to have."

--Laura T., Shakopee, Minnesota

"I registered with U.S. Living Will Registry because I wanted to be sure that any medical personnel who needed my wants and wishes be able to obtain it easily and readily.  Myself being a singer person I have no one who would care enough to see that this is done.  I feel they are providing a very valuable service to individuals like myself.  I have and will continue to recommend it to others who are preparing a living will."

--Name withheld, Bevlaville, North Carolina

"I feel that if this service is available to doctors, it may one day save my life if they have access to all the information about my health and wishes wherever I may be.

Having this service takes some of the burden of having to provide information off my children at a time when they may not want to cope with it."

--Name withheld, Wathaw, North Carolina

"Registering an advance directive has provided me with a sense of peace that such a service exists.  My family and friends as well as the family and friends of others have an easy to access vehicle which provides direction in writing as to medical administration.  I believe this is important in that the advance directive provides:  1) a comfort level for others to make sure the medical system is able to respond because the wishes are documented; and 2) a legal document that protects everyone from unnecessary discussion and/or litigation."

--Anita T., Boston, Massachusetts

"The U.S. Living Will Registry is a form of insurance that my wishes will be known.  Personal and family copies are important but the Registry is there under any circumstances.  Having such important documents readily available gives me peace of mind.  This is an invaluable service."

--Susan L., Cambridge, Massachusetts

"I believe the U.S. Living Will Registry is a very important organization in that it eliminates loved ones from being forced into a life/death decision.

It also gives me a certain comfort knowing that in a time when I am unable to make a decision for myself, my previous directive will be honored and my directives will be regarded and respected as if I was making the decision at the time it is required."

--Jo C., Elmwood Park, New Jersey

"As a member of the health care industry, I believe everyone should have a living will and use the U.S. Living Will Registry so that at any time a hospital, anywhere in the country, can obtain my information in case of a medical need.  As President of a Health Care System, I know everyone should have a "Living Will".

--Louis Y., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

"A fast and convenient way to maintain vital information.  Annual update couldn't be easier.  Can't believe it's free!"

--Robert B., New York, New York

"Creating my living will and joining the registry was part of my overall need to be proactive about my estate, including creating a will & working with financial planners.  This, in light of divorce.  I wanted to take care of my children in this way, by anticipating any situation they may meet regarding their single parent.  As a young woman, I feel proud & wise for having tended to the business of being an adult."

--Carolyn S., Syosset, New York

"I would strongly recommend the U.S. Living Will Registry for the service it provides to make available to any health care provider a copy of our living wills.  Your valuable free service is a plus.  We especially appreciate your yearly updating of pertinent information."

--Name Withheld, Jonestown, Pennsylvania

"Peace of mind--to me and my family.  Thank you."

--Dorothy A., Fort Lee, New Jersey

"'I want to thank the staff at the U.S. Living Will Registry for their professional follow-up annually.

Recently a patient at a hospital where I worked was dying. The hospital medical records department couldn't find his original advanced directive.  However,  the physician was able to get a faxed copy immediately from the U.S. Living Will Registry. Thank you."

--Name Withheld, Vermillion, South Dakota

"I find it very convenient to advise medical personnel that my living will is on file and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.  This makes it unnecessary to have multiple copies to give doctors and hospitals.  I recommend the Registry to friends and relatives."

--Dorothy D., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

" I think you provide a real service for me.  If I were to be incapacitated I know my wishes would be carried out with dispatch.  Thank you!"

--Robert M., Palmyra, Virginia

"We registered with U.S. Living Will Registry because it is much more convenient than having to produce a copy of the Living Will under emergency situations.

Since registration, the online download capability has been used in several instances and provided all the required information.  Registration is one of the smartest things I did.  The Registry provides an invaluable service to all those who are participating and I heartily recommend registration to everyone."

--Michael D., Wayne, New Jersey

"Registering with the U.S. Living Will Registry will give my family the peace of mind knowing what I wanted.  More so than just words, taking the steps to register gives a definite answer of my wish.

I like the ease of updating each year and peace of mind that the Registry gives.

I recommend it to all my family and friends."

--Joyce W., Mobile, Alabama

"It is very convenient not to have to carry your Living Will especially when you unexpectedly need it."

--Name Withheld, Park Ridge, New Jersey

"I registered with U.S. Living Will Registry because I had heard of such service that was offered.  It is a good thing indeed to be registered with an advance directive, because if there are special wishes and instructions in case of illness with lack of communication, when medical team arrive, the labels on proper ID that one have on them will show who to contact for you Living Will instructions.

I'm very glad that I registered my advance directive.  The U.S. Living Will Registry provides a great, valuable and prompt service.  Someone commented to me of their promptness and it's all free.  Yes, I tell others.  People that live alone with allergies, etc., should have this service.  Be sure to get the right Registry.  U.S. Living Will Registry."

--Otis B., Clarksboro, New Jersey

"The USLWR is a wonderful service to the community.  No longer do we have to worry about "carrying around" our current Advance Directive & emergency contact information.

If you're not sure about completing an Advance Directive, you only need to read about the Karen Ann Quinlan case and others like it to realize just how important the document can be.  Whether you're 18 or 85, it's important to express your wishes, either through a health care proxy or written directive.  Have those conversations with your loved ones.  If they are ever put in the situation where decisions need to be made on your behalf, they'll have peace of mind knowing that they did what you would have wanted.  It's as much for them, as it is for you.

The USLWR contacts us once a year to verify/update our information so we know that they have the most current information.  This gives us peace of mind.  Thank you."

--Donald B., Mine Hill, New Jersey

"Excellent program"

--Robert H., Palm Harbor, Florida

"I just went through this with my sister, her siblings wished she had a living will--which would have been much easier for them to make a very difficult decision."

--Wilmer W., Russell, Kansas

"It's comforting to know that my loved ones won't have to face a serious decision, thanks to the U.S. Living Will Registry."

--Edward B., New York, New York

"I would recommend this service to others.  If more people prepared their advance directive and then registered it, much unnecessary suffering would be avoided.

Often without access to an advance directive both health care providers and the family are set up for conflict."

--Delmar F., Tinton Falls, New Jersey

"I got to know about the Living Will Registry through a local hospital.  It is a great service and it's free.  Thank you."

--Marianne P., Leonia, New Jersey

"I am glad I have been listed with the U.S. Living Will Registry.  Now my end of life wishes can be obtained wherever I go in the U.S.."

--Name withheld, Westwood, New Jersey

"As a registered nurse working in an acute care hospital I felt it was very important to have my wishes concerning my end-of-life decisions upheld.

I am not afraid to die, but I would like to die with dignity.  Also, I want my family to be free of guilt or remorse over my way of exiting this world.  I chose how I wanted to live and chose how I would like to die:  pain free but without other artificial means of life support."

--Name withheld, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

"Thank God for the living will registry.  It saves people from unwanted procedures and makes it easier for relatives who don't have to struggle with too many decisions."

--Marie K., Westwood, New Jersey

"My experience with your registry has been positive.  Whenever we utilized your service at the hospital we received immediate results.  It is a great patient satisfier."

--Name withheld, Englewood, New Jersey

"I registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry for peace of mind for myself and family.  If an accident were to occur which left me unable to speak for myself, I wouldn't want my family to undergo the considerable stress and possible guilt about any decisions which would be need to be made.  By having a living will, those decisions will already have been made...by myself."

--Pamela H., Orlando, Florida

"During a recent emergency room admission, my inability to speak was aided by the label affixed to my health insurance card regarding my advanced directive.  Very helpful."

--Patricia B., Mahwah, New Jersey

"I registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry for several reasons.  First having an advance directive is an important decision for all of us.  Second I travel away from home regularly and do not want the responsibility of carrying a copy of my advance directive with me at all times.  The U.S. Living Will Registry provides me with the security that my choices can be accessed at any time and any place; giving the medical staff that is treating me the information they need to provide appropriate medical care.

As a medical social worker employed by an acute health care facility, I have first hand knowledge of the importance of being properly prepared to make your own medical decisions.  I not only have my advance directive registered, I teach patients on a regular basis of the benefits of this service."

--Dianne W., Clear Lake, Iowa

"I have been very pleased with the Registry services.  I especially like the fact that they remind me to up-date phone numbers etc. each year.  My 82 year old mother is also registered and been well pleased.  I would recommend that everyone should register with them to have the peace of mind that we now have."

--Name withheld, Canyon, Texas

"I work in one of the busiest ERs in the state of Washington.  Upon admitting, we ask each patient/family if they have a living will.  This documentation stays on their record for present or future available info for emergent situations.  When we learn they are registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry, we know they are prepared for the unknown future we all face."

--Maureen M., Kent, Washington

"I believe the U.S. Living Will Registry provides a valuable service by giving me peace of mind.  I know that if something were to happen to me, my wishes would be carried out."

--Name withheld, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

"After having to make the decision to withdraw life support on my father's behalf (where he had left no directives), and in view of the Terry Schiavo case which has drawn national attention, I felt compelled to register my Living Will so that none of my family members and, least of all, the courts, would have to intercede on my behalf.  My wishes are clearly spelled out and reason will prevail when emotions are at their peak.

Thanks for making this Registry available."

--Mary R., Lutz, Florida

"I registered my advance directive for legal, professional & personal safety.  The peace of mind is immeasurable & invaluable.  I cannot believe the Living Will Registry is a free service but I'm thankful it is.  I urge everyone to register their advance directives for their protection & their family's benefit."

--Karen S., Eaton, Ohio

"With my advanced directive registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry, I know my wishes will be carried to my satisfaction, not the wishes of someone else."

Steven S., Brownsburg, Indiana

"The living will is one less thing to worry about as we get older.  I am proud that both my husband and I did this.  Thank you."

--Barbara G.

"This is a wonderful service!  Thank you!"

--Name withheld, Oak Lawn, Illinois

"My husband and I have witnessed older people within our circle of acquaintance suffer a lingering death because of selfish, albeit well-intentioned, relatives who wish to keep them alive; whatever the cost in medical expenses, or emotional devastation-or absence of hope.

We are resolute in our determination to prevent this from happening to either of us, and have registered our living wills to assure it doesn't.

Because of the tragedies we've witnessed, I've encouraged our friends to prepare a living will, and then avail themselves of the valuable service provided by the U.S. Living Will Registry."

--Margit E., Mine Hill, New Jersey

"It is good to know that my wishes will be carried out, that someone else will not have to make a decision for me.

There are some people who could make a life or death decision for someone else, therefore by having a Living Will no one will be put under stress to do so.

I think the "U.S. Living Will Registry" does a valuable service and I highly recommend others do so."

--Lucy W., Hillsdale, New Jersey

"I made a living will to:
     Spare me needless suffering
     Spare my family needless suffering
     Keep Medicare solvent
     Keep AARP insurance solvent"

--Name withheld, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

"My local hospital would not accept a copy of my advance directive.  The U.S. Living Will Registry not only solved my local problem, but now my advance directive will be available very quickly to any of my health care providers who request a copy in the future.

In a crisis situation, I feel this is a much more dependable way of ensuring a copy of my directive is available to a health care provider."

--Don S., Montvale, New Jersey

"The U.S. Living Will Registry provides a good service.  I highly recommend my friends & relatives to have this.  It is a pleasure to have this updated every year without my worrying when the year is up and will knowingly know that my instructions will be carried thru, without having to have someone make a decision they don't want to & have on their mind."

--Name Withheld, Spring Valley, New York

"I believe having a living will is a very nice thing to have.  If something happens to me and I cannot sign my name or have my say as to what is done for me if I am in a hospital it gives my family the right to sign for me.

I want to be an organ donor and my family is also aware of that.  I strongly suggest everyone sign up for the living will registry.

Thank you for offering this service."

--Christine S., Lowman, New York

"It is nice to know that my wishes are in writing for my children to refer to in the event of my sudden death.  That there will be no argument as to my wishes."

--Clara B., Horseheads, New York

"I am pleased to have been informed of this opportunity to express my wishes, that should I be or my family faced with the decision of doctors not to use any drastic methods to sustain my life.  Hopefully just to me make comfortable and not to resuscitate."

--Velma M., Hewitt, New Jersey

"I believe this is a wonderful service, being able to make decisions about my health care myself and no burden to others to do it.  The labels are of great help!  Keep up the excellent work.  Thank you, God Bless!"

--Thomas O., Swedesboro, New Jersey

"I registered to take advantage of the unique service that you provide.  I am very pleased with the service.

The U.S. Living Will Registry offers an invaluable service and I would highly recommend to others to register their advance directives with the Registry."

--William D., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

"When I saw what my husband went through trying to deal with the decisions for his mother, I didn't want that for my children.  That was when I decided to make out a living will.

When I found out that I could register my advanced directive with your Registry, I felt even more assured that my wishes would be carried out exactly the way I want it, and without putting the burden of making any of the decisions on my children.

I fee that the U.S. Living Will Registry provides a great service, so much so, I just recommended that my daughter, who just made one out, file a copy of her living will with your registry as well.  Thank you."

--Leonilda H., Union Beach, New Jersey

"I believe the registry is performing a valuable service by seeing to it that the wishes of the patient are carried out.  I would wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone."

--Name Withheld, Manassas, Virginia

"We were made aware of the Living Will Registry by the hospital when my husband was admitted for a serious operation.  As we did have living wills, we thought this was a great idea.

At a later date, my husband was admitted to the hospital thru the emergency room at midnite, the "stickers" we were sent to be placed on our insurance cards and driver licenses was a great time saver.

Great job--Keep up the good work.  Thank you."

--Anna S., Norwood, New Jersey

"I think the Living Will provides a wonderful service.  I have a living will because I want to be sure when I'm dying I don't want myself or my family to have to go through more than necessary.  It spells out my wishes and is a legal document."

--Shirley M., Vienna, Virginia

"A very valuable and important service.  Everyone should register."

--Name Withheld, Demarest, New Jersey

"Thank you for having me with the U.S. Living Will Registry.  This is a great service and one that is very necessary.

It was very considerate to have your up-grade of my living will.  There is no change to be made in my living will but it is a great comfort to know that you have taken the time and giving me the opportunity of making any changes.  You are concerned and caring group and I appreciate that very much."

--Name Withheld, Paramus, New Jersey

"Having this information stating my wishes in case of an emergency--or in case I am unable to communicate--on record gives me a secure feeling."

--Grace R., Sun City Center, Florida

"My main comment is that it is good to be able to be registered so that you will not be forced to be kept alive as a vegetable.  But you still have someone you trust that will be contacted before you are taken off of life support."

--Name Withheld, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

"As I have buried most of my family, I know just how difficult it is to have to make decisions for someone who is terminally ill.  Thus, I have made a Living Will & Health Proxy--so that no one will ever have to make such decisions for me.  Then again, there might not be anyone to make such decisions.  This is why I carry a miniature version of my documents in my wallet.

The forms from the U.S. Living Will Registry were very clear and helpful, and I feel very good, knowing that these documents are there for me--for when the time comes.  I should also mention that my doctors all have a copy of these documents, together with my medical records."

--Mary G., Greenvale, New York

"I have peace of mind knowing that I have an Advance Directive but I feel even more at ease knowing any health care providers can access it if needed, regardless of the fact that they might not be a "member".  Thank you."

--Marian B., Mine Hill, New Jersey

"Thank you for your service.  I feel comfortable knowing that my last wishes are much more likely to be carried out."

--Barbara S., Norfolk, Virginia

"Efficient and easy.  An ideal use of the Internet."

--Rabbi David S., Redondo Beach, California

"We have had this service for a year and, although we have not required any health organization to use it, it gives us peace of mind to know that our directives are available when and if that need arises.  We thank the Registry for making this available at no charge."

--Name withheld, Shingle Springs, California

"I feel that this is one of "the" most important services any person could have.  It's a peace of mind that if you have something happen to you, your family will be notified.  Thanks."

--Elliot C., Centre Ville, Virginia

"Last year when I had my latest physical the doctor asked if I had a Living Will.  I told him that I had one and then I told him about the Living Will Registry and showed him the stickers on my drivers license and health insurance card.  Hopefully, he told other patients about your service."

--Name withheld, Euless, Texas

"I think the service provided by the Registry is invaluable for keeping data applicable to our wills, health care directives, power of attorney, etc. updated."

--Morton P., Suffern, New York

"The U.S. Living Will Registry is the most practical and sensible way of insuring that my wishes will be honored.  I have every confidence that irregardless of where I am, my Living Will will be available to the medical personnel caring for me.  This service gives me and my loved ones peace of mind."

--Charlotte B., Seattle, Washington

"Take control for that day in which you may not have control.  Do it, do it now!"

--Name withheld

"The Registry is a fast and efficient system for accessing health directives.  I have recommended the Registry to all my friends who have executed living wills."

--Jean S., Bradenton, Florida

"I trust my husband to honor my wishes, but I have learned from experience that my parent will contest an advance directive.  By registering my Living Will, I hope to minimize the obstacles my parent can mount.  Thanks for you wonderful service."

--Name withheld, Juneau, Alaska

"I registered my advance directive because it was very important to me that the medical care which I choose be followed.  I am glad I did so and think that you provide a valuable service because medical information is easily lost and best kept by a central location." 

--Name withheld, Quincy, Massachusetts

"I was hospitalized and the first hospital Palisade General knew nothing about the web site being centralized.  When I was moved to the hospital that my doctor used in another city, they immediately located my file and it amde processing of my entrance very easy.  I tell everyone about this service that I can."

--Name withheld, Weehawken, New Jersey

"At admissions in Pascack Valley Hospital, Westwood, NJ, they gave me the information on the registry.  I thought it was a terrific idea and registered.

I now have a very small sticker attached to my driver's license and medicare card which can be found very quickly and is always with me.

I show it to many people and surprised not many know about it, including doctors."

--Grace M., Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

"When registering today with the hospital for surgery, one of their questions was, "Do you have a living will?"  People would be well-advised to have a sticker on their driver's license and insurance cards to help with hospital admission."

--Frank K., Falls Church, Virginia

"Excellent protection for those of us who have all relatives living far away geographically."

--Name withheld, Worcester, Massachusetts

"With families scattered world wide now having a central location for important desires like this is essential.  No one has to track down a particular family member for the decisions."

--Douglas H., Pt. Orange, Florida

"I was widowed on March 30, 2003 and so I am alone in the world except for two 1st cousins who live many states away.  I have good friends but did not want to burden them with momentous decision making should I fall so ill that my survival was "iffy"--hence the Living Will."

--Name withheld, Montvale, New Jersey

"The Living Will Registry has given me the peace of mind that I as a single person need.  This document assures me that my wishes regarding advance directives will be carried out no matter which health facility I am transported to especially when I cannot speak for myself."

--Anita K., Rockaway, New Jersey

"My husband and I registered our advance directives to insure that our wishes would be available to any hospital or physician who needed to know--this, without the burden of having to carry around our living wills to avoid the "crash cart" mentality of the medical professionals who worry about malpractice suits in our litigious society.

It's very comforting to know that our living wills are available to the health care providers without having to deal with family members who are grief-stricken and really don't know what to do.  Many wrong and terrible decisions are made by loved ones at these times.

As a retired registered nurse, I have personally witnessed family members agreeing to a G/T tube, (a tube that carries nutrition directly to the stomach), and thereby, ignorantly, sentencing their loved ones to a prolonged period of indignity, diapers, a vegetative state that goes on for years.  It's horrible to watch this be inflicted on the poor patient and their families.

Then, just try to get the tube removed!  Plan on spending your life in court and paying mucho bucks to attorneys."

--Lorraine F., Rivervale, New Jersey

"I registered my advance directive because it was very important to me then, and still is that my final wishes be carried out when my time comes.  Also, too, that I shall not be kept alive by any machine, or any other artificial means.  It shall remain in God's Hands.

Yes, I truly believe the U.S. Living Will Registry provides a very important and valuable service.  I am very glad that I did register my advance directive with the Registry, and highly recommend others to do the same.  Thank you very much for your cooperation and help, and please continue my Registration."

--Irene K., Guttenberg, New Jersey

"I think it is good to have this registry as it places info for those that will be taking care of future arrangements when I can no longer do so."

--Name withheld, Naples, Florida

"Knowing that I am registered with you, gives me great peace of mind!  If there were any disagreements in my family, I know that my wishes will prevail!"

--Name withheld, Hallandale Beach, Florida

"It is comforting to know that something this important is in the hands of competent people."

--Robert T., Emerson, New Jersey

"I believe having a Living Will is important as you are stating what you wish to be done or not done if you cannot speak for yourself."

--Name withheld, Rochelle Park, New Jersey

"We registered for a living will due to serious medical problems which created an immediate need for such documents.  The recent Florida situation confirmed our decision to register.  We believe every person should have a living will and that you are doing an excellent job in providing this service for making them available when needed."

--Myrna & Leonard G., Lakewood, New Jersey

"I registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry in order to ensure that, in the event I am unable to express my wishes myself, health-care providers will have no doubt as to my wish to have heroic treatment withheld when my life has reached its end.  This registry provides an invaluable service to both patients and caregivers.  I have been registered for many years and will continue to do so indefinitely.  I recommend other to do likewise."

--Name withheld, Englewood, New Jersey

"Personally, I am glad I registered when I did, it's less for the family to do.  Also in my case to have not only my organs donated but also my body.  I recommend this to all my friends.  I just wish they would realize how important this is."

--Irene T., Manchester, New Jersey

"I would recommend that anyone with a living will have it registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry.  When you have the sticker on our health card there are no questions to be answered at the hospital.  It gives you peace of mind to know your wishes will be carried out as you want when you die."

--Name withheld, Hillsdale, New Jersey

"I was advised to register when I had serious surgery at Englewood Hospital in 2002.  I'm glad I did as this can cause such controversy for family & friends when a decision without living will may have to be made.  This is a valuable service and will give peace of mind without guilt when a decision to live or die has to be made.  I highly recommend this service."

--Name withheld, Spring Valley, New York

"I was advised by one of the doctors at Englewood Hospital to register.  Yes, I am glad I did.  Yes, the Registry does provide a valuable service.  I suggest and recommend everyone to register.  Thank you for your service."

--Michael A., River Edge, New Jersey

"I feel that everyone should have a living will so if a time comes that they get so that they cannot talk it will be there and your doctor and your loved ones will know what to do.  I have one at Lenoir Memorial Hospital and one at my doctor's office and one at home so my children and my doctor will know what to do if the time comes."

--Name withheld, Kinston, North Carolina

"Save your love ones from the difficult and heart wrenching decisions!  Let your will be known before you're unable to!  Thank you for making the process easy and for the new renewal and update forms."

--Thomas O., Swedesboro, New Jersey

"The day before my husband's surgery, we both signed the U.S. Living Will Registry.  He stopped breathing in the Recovery Room and was diagnosed as having severe brain damage.  Because of the Registry, I was able to invoke my husband's wishes not to be sustained on a respirator."

--Janet S., Highlands, New Jersey

"First and foremost, thank you for your wonderful service!  Could you please send me some brochures on what this program is all about; I would like to share them with friends and family--please.

I am very pleased that I have signed up to have a "living will" registry.  If something should happen to me my immediate family knows of my wishes and all the legalities are taken care of--so in their sadness they would not have to deal with this amongst other things at that time.

I believe in donating organs to help someone in need.  If my body is usable, at my time of death, I want others to be given "life" and experience all their dreams.  I especially would like to help a child in need-this is the way to do that if available.  I find complete happiness knowing that in my time of death I can save someone else!"

--Christine S., Lowman, New York

"Since my wife and I do travel we welcome the fact that our wishes will be available anywhere in the country, not just at home.  Thank you."

--Robert B., Ellison Bay, Wisconsin

"I think that this is a great service and tell all my friends about it."

--Ronald J., Hampden, Maine

"The U.S. Living Will Registry is an extremely valuable service.  The stickers for driver's license and insurance card are a great idea.  Thanks!"

--Patricia W., Pittsboro, North Carolina

"I haven't had to have anyone contact you, for information as yet.  But it surely is a good thing, to have this registered for now."

--Name withheld, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

"It is a great comfort to know my medical directive (living will) is available to the medical professionals who might need it when I am unable to express my wishes.  I believe everyone should avail themselves of this service."

--Name withheld, Manassas, Virginia

"Thank you so much for so vital a service!  I have made copies of your address for 4 friends immediately and plan on recommending widely your very necessary and caring service.

I was surprised to get your update/renewal this week, which speaks of the Registry's thoroughness!  Thanks again!"

--Sherrill A., New York City, New York

"I feel as though I am better protected thru your agency."

--Name withheld, Appleton, Wisconsin

"As a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and working with the elderly--I have come across some horrible situations of people being kept alive because they had NO living will before tragedy struck.  I've seen helpless people being kept alive w/feeding tubes because of this.  No life--curled up in the fetal position and because there was no family to help these people--the state is in control and no way to let these people go----

Think enough about yourself to take care of your wishes!  List it with U.S. Living Will Registry and feel confident your wishes will be met."

--Georgina M., McKenna, Washington

"I think this is a great service.  Thanks to my lawyer for informing me."

--Nancy H., Hudson, Florida

"It is a comfort to know that my wishes will be taken care of with my advance directive when it's needed.  It's a valuable service and makes it easier for my family.  I highly recommend it."

--Name withheld, Chicago, Illinois

"It's one of the nicest things you can do for your family.  I'm glad I did it and I would recommend it to everyone for the peace of mind it gives you."

--Bill L., Flatwoods, Kentucky

"Taking charge of your own treatment relieves relatives and friends who might otherwise feel they had to accept that responsibility.  That's reason #1.

Reason #2 is that I feel more confident with the Living Will that I'll be extended the courtesy of having my wishes followed by those in the medical community (not to mention the legal and legislative communities) should I be unable to demand my rights in extreme circumstances. 

Both reasons give me peace of mind."

--Name withheld, Burien, Washington

"This service makes life easier for those you love.  Everyone should have their will registered!  It makes good common sense to do so!"

--Name withheld, Herndon, Virginia

"Your card helped to avoid additional paper work when I was admitted into the hospital for surgery.  Thank you."

--Leo L., Aventura, Florida

"Very available!!"

--James P., Waldo, Kansas

"I think the U.S. Living Will Registry is great.  I want to make my own decisions, not the Florida Gov Jeb Bush, or Congress, or the President.  They have enough work to stay busy like, crime, taxes and paying $2.17 a gallon of gas.  Let them work on those and other problems."

--Name withheld, Carrollton, Texas

"It is vital to register your wishes as to your final disposal to avoid any family squables and misunderstandings.  The U.S. Living Will Registry provides the exact needs in this regard. We, my wife and I, thank you very much for providing these services."

--Name withheld, Miami, Florida

"This is great at all times but especially when you travel and we do a lot."

--Hattie W., Kinston, North Carolina

"I hope that by having my wishes for a natural death recorded, it will save any friction with family members, doctors, or hospital.  It is my wish, not to be kept alive by a machine when nature says it is time for me to go."

--Name withheld, Kinston, North Carolina

"I moved from N.J. to Florida and didn't know how to get in touch to change my address, etc..  You got in touch with me and I really appreciate it.  Great follow up."

--Robert L., Margate, Florida

"I registered my advance directive following the death of my mother who did not have a living will.  She and my sister were in the process of making her wishes known to her physician but he said he couldn't do it right then, he was going to lunch.  On her way for x-rays she had heart failure and they hooked her up to life support.  In order to get this disconnected we had to bring in family members from long distances to meet with a group of hospital officials and her physician to get the life support disconnected.  My husband and I immediately had our living wills made.  This relieves the family of the heartache we went through.  I do not wish to be kept alive by a machine if there can be no quality of life for me."

--Name withheld, Kinston, North Carolina

"My aunt and I both signed with the U.S. Living Will Registry.  It became very beneficial 3 months later when she was taken seriously ill.  Having seen the help it provided her family I am so glad I signed up as well.  I tell all my friends about this program and definitely recommend it to them."

--Darla C., Renton, Washington

"U.S. Living Will Registry provides an important service in a very convenient way.  The peace of mind my wife and I have now is very much appreciated."

--Bruce S., Virginia Beach, Virginia

"1.  I believe that it's important to have a living will.
 2.  I feel the U.S. Living Will Registry provides an invaluable service, and am happy to have been aware of its benefit.  I implore everyone to take advantage of this."

--Nancy S., Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

"It gives me peace of mind to know that my "living will" is on file in the National Registry and is regularly updated to keep it current.  Thank you."

--Rose B., Winter Haven, Florida

"I appreciate the yearly update that you initiate--reminding me that I am enrolled in an important service to myself and my loved ones.  It makes me feel good and responsible to know that I have done this and that you keep the record up to date."

--Name withheld, Kinston, North Carolina

"I registered my advance directive to insure that my wishes are carried out at the time of my final days.  I am pleased with the U.S. Living Will Registry and recommend it to others.  This is a valuable service which others might want to consider for peace of mind."

--Name withheld, Kinston, North Carolina

"I value the comfort of knowing that medical personnel, viewing the identification I carry, will see that I have a living will registered with you, and can obtain a copy of that document almost effortlessly to learn my wishes concerning medical care."

--Dale M., New Bern, North Carolina

"Have not had to use the services, but feel comfortable my wishes will be done.  A great peace of mind!"

--Marie W., Kinston, North Carolina

"I registered when I went in for surgery in 12/04. I am glad I did.  I do think the U.S. Living Will Registry provides a valuable service, however the only way to validate this, unfortunately, would be if I needed to put it to the test.  I would recommend others do the same.  I registered because my father's wife's wishes were not honored due to a glitch in the wording of her advanced medical directives."

--Susan B., Hampton, Virginia

"The Living Will is such an important document that I believe it should be required by law.  It gives me great peace of mind to know that if I ever am in a condition to which my Living Will applies, my loved ones will not have to make soul-shattering decisions at a time when life and death decisions are difficult enough without such an added burden.  I also like knowing that my personal wishes will be carried out in the manner I specified in my Living Will.

The forms provided to us for the Living Will were very easy to understand and fill out.  Whoever wrote and designed them did an excellent job!  Thank you!  However, when it came to making copies of the completed forms for our doctor, family members and personal records, the "booklet" format (11" X 17" paper folded to make four pages) made it quite awkward to photocopy.  Not a big deal but something to consider in the future.

I have talked with many people who do not know how to even start making a Living Will.  Sentara Health care in Virginia made the process very, very easy for my family and did not charge anything.  However, I have noticed that whenever Living Wills are mentioned in newspapers, magazines, on news programs, etc., the process described sounds complicated and the sources for the appropriate documentation are described in a vague manner.  Perhaps there needs to be a lot more publicity and education about the simplicity of the process if one just contacts a local hospital."

--Suzanne H., Williamsburg, Virginia

"Enclosed please find my updated registration form for the Living Will Registry:  I wouldn't live-and especially not die-without it!

Please encourage everyone to get a Living Will:  the recent events in Florida have amply demonstrated the importance of such a document.  For myself, I would not want to be continued on Life-support Systems or other artificial means of prolonging life if seriously impaired physically, and/or if mentally distressed - and for my family I hope with this document to save them from worries about doing the "right thing" if I become incapacitated."

--Name withheld, Williamsburg, Virginia

"Great service, something we all need!  I have told others about it."

--Elizabeth B., Virginia Beach, Virginia

"Thank you for making this important service available to the public."

--Name withheld, Panama City, Florida

"This is an excellent service."

--Jean G., Huntersville, North Carolina

"I have not used the Registry but nice knowing it's available when needed.  It's comforting to have the backup as to my definite wishes.  Thank you for providing it."

--Name withheld, Oceanside, California

"It gives me peace of mind to know that by having an advance directive my family won't have to make this decision."

--Zannie T., Grifton, North Carolina

"I registered my living will so it would be available at multiple locations in the event of an emergency.  Also, it makes clear who has the authority to act on my behalf in medical emergencies."

--Name withheld, Manassas, Virginia

"My youngest daughter is the administrator of my estate.  I don't want her or my other two children to make the decision for me.  I made that decision when I signed the living will.  She knows that my wishes are not to be kept alive through any artificial means, unless there is positive knowledge that I can return to a life that is as active as I am now.  The Terri Schiavo case is a good example that I point out to my children.  I worked in several hospitals as a medical secretary and I saw first hand what that sort of stuff does to families.  That is what prompted me to go get my living will done."

--Name withheld, LaGrange, North Carolina

"The U.S. Living Will Registry definitely provides a valuable service.  I'm glad my information will be easily available, if necessary."

--Name withheld, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

"Every adult should take advantage of this service, especially if you travel."

--Pat T., Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"I think the U.S. Living Will Registry is a wonderful service.  We never know when someone in our family may need your services.  It is a wonderful way for our loved ones to live on in someone else and in doing so, our loved ones will live on in our lives and heart.  I hope more people will feel the need in their heart to do the same thing."

--Jacqueline H., Kinston, North Carolina

"Registration was part of the service provided by an attorney who handled a legal matter for me.  It has proven to be a time saver on the occassion of three emergency hospital visits.  It further gives me a sense of security knowing that my wishes will remain unchanged and available until and unless I so direct.  Everyone should be registered for the convenience of both the registrant and the caregiver."

--Marilyn P., Poy Seppe, Wisconsin

"My husband and I are frequent travelers finding ourselves in many parts of the U.S.A..  There is satisfaction in knowing if something dreaded happens, health care workers will be able to access our wishes, through the Living Will Registry for medical treatment.  Thank you for providing such a good resource that can reach far and wide to let our family be aware of any emergency situation."

--Name withheld, Yuma, Arizona

"It's great to have such interest in checking on me to make sure my living will is up to date.  Thank you."

--Louise S., Paramus, New Jersey

"I registered my living will because when my mother-in-law went into the hospital and she didn't have one, things took a turn for the worse.  She was being kept alive by machines.  It was always her wish that if it came to that point she wanted us to pull the plug and let her go.  Since my husband was her oldest child the hospital turned to him to make the decision and they wanted him to sign for it.  His nieces were against him signing and having the hospital let their grandmother die.  We all agreed to meet one last time the next morning to say our final good-byes, have him sign and let the hospital stop the machines.  My husband had the worst night of his life that night.  He was upset that he had to be one who was signing to end his mother's life, and he worried that his nieces might never forgive him for doing what he knew his mother wanted.  He got hardly any sleep at all that night.  Luckily by the time we had all met at the hospital mom had passed away on her own.  We had just missed her by about a half hour.

It was then and there that I decided I did not want my children to go through this so I made up a living will and registered it.  I am thrilled that there is a service like this and that I am a part of it so that my children will never have to face what my husband did."

--Name withheld, Union Beach, New Jersey

"With my living will I can know that any medical decisions are already made, my family does not have to share the devastating decisions themselves.  I am at ease knowing all things that need to be done will be my choices.  Everyone should have a living will in place in case of emergencies or injuries and you are not at your local hospital or doctor's office."

--Joyce H., Newport News, Virginia

" I am glad we had this done several years ago.  My children will not have to make a decision as to put me on life support or to take me off.  I have already made that decision and acted upon it.  I really feel good about making this decision for my life."

--Helen S., Kinston, North Carolina

"I feel the U.S. Living Will Registry is a valuable service and would recommend all citizens to take care of as soon as possible.  I registered for this service so my family would not be burdened at the time of my death."

--Faye G., Warwick, Rhode Island

"Very happy with service, cannot stress how important it is to not worry about these things.  Everyone should have one on record."

--Name withheld, Pitcher, New York

"I feel the Registry can be of great service in times of crisis if one is unable to fully participate in making ones wishes known and in a hospital far from home.  It makes health care choices clearer to both loved ones and health providers."

--Name withheld, Harrington Park, New Jersey

"Fortunately I have not had to use my living will yet, but with the service I have had concerning updates to their system, I believe my affairs will be handled promptly, and with dignity.  I didn't have to contact them with my update they contacted me."

--Susan P., Williamsburg, Virginia

"I think it is wonderful to have all of my wishes for medical care--or for no further medical care--in writing, and so easily accessible.  The U.S. Living Will Registry even includes options for donating my body to medical school, science or whatever option I might be interested in.  A great job!!!"

--Janet R., Hampton, Virginia

"I like knowing my living will can be accessed from out of state.  If I'm injured while traveling, whoever attends me will know my wishes directly without having to query family members who could be overwhelmed by circumstances relating to my condition.  I want to ease any burden my family might experience and am grateful to the Registry for the opportunity to do so."

--Katherine M., Missoula, Montana

"I'm glad I registered my advance directive, and I've advised my friends to do the same.  It will make it easier for our children should the need arise to make decisions regarding our health and wishes."

--Name withheld, Pompton Plains, New Jersey

"I do not want to put my family and friends in the situation that Terri Schiavo was in during this year in Florida.  The media has left a permanent scar on the families, especially the children, because of lack of thought for a living will when she was younger."

--Name withheld, Salisbury, North Carolina

"I am very pleased and fortunate to have the services of the Living Will Registry.  It was easy, convenient, and it forced to do what I had for so long avoided through procrastination.  I live alone, so there is comfort in having the designation on my driver's license and insurance card.  I highly recommend the U.S. Living Will Registry."

--Freddye D., Newport News, Virginia

"I think the service provided is invaluable.  In the past year I moved twice, yet the Registry through its annual mail follow up was able to locate me, update its records and presumably keep my attorney abreast of my current mailing address and phone number."

--Morton P., Monroe, New York

"It's a comfort to know this service is available.  Documents that can be revealed by your service when I can't speak.  This is a valuable service to make sure my wishes are known when I can't, by a simple phone call.  Thank you."

--Name withheld, Racine, Wisconsin

"I think it is very important for everyone with living wills to have them registered.  This will provide concrete proof of the person's wishes and intentions, and it will help to resolve any possible future complications, ambiguities, or dissension among family members, medical and legal authorities, and care-givers."

--Name withheld, New York, New York

"Being registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry gives me peace of mind that if and when something happens to me--my advance directives will be available to everyone so hopefully they will be followed.  There will be no guessing or uncertainty as to what my wishes are.  Family and friends will not have to make tough decisions at a difficult time, I have made them already!  Thank you for providing this service."

--Susan H., Neenah, Wisconsin

"I believe that this is a great idea and would recommend this valuable service to all my friends."

--Name withheld, New York, New York

"I registered with this service before I underwent surgery a couple of years ago to clearly identify my wishes and to put in writing the procedures to follow and to take pressure off my family should they be faced to make decisions should my health take a turn for the worse.

I am very glad I did this and am very happy to be part of this service provided by Sentara Health and would recommend this service to everyone because we never know under what circumstances it may be necessary to access this information.  This registry provides regular update procedures and requires you to check your information periodically for its continued validity.  Thanks again for such a helpful means to register and maintain your wishes for use at a time when possibly I would be incapacitated and unable to make such decisions regarding my health. Thanks again."

--Robert D., Virginia Beach, Virginia

"Be kind to your family--register with the U.S. Living Will Registry."

--Deanna B., Murfreesboro, North Carolina

"After my child was born I was concerned if something happened to me how would my husband react?  Would he do what I wanted?  Or would he be so upset he would let others sway him.  My own personal living will ensures my wishes are granted."

--Name withheld, Lake Elmo, Minnesota

"A wonderful service, the efficacy of which I hope I won't realize for a long time to come."

--Mickey S., Palm City, Florida

"I think your website is a great idea.  I think the service you provide is a necessary one.  In 2002 my youngest sister (26) was killed by a drunk driver.  She did not ever voice her desire to be an organ donor nor did she ever say she didn't, so my parents chose to donate her corneas only.  No other organs were harvested.  I feel certain that there was someone in the U.S. who could have used what was salvageable.  People need to be made aware of your service and speak to their friends and family as I have done.  No one is promised tomorrow, age doesn't matter and someone could use what we no longer will need."

--Name withheld, Kinston, North Carolina

"I like the idea of the registry because it provides for emergency contact with specified relatives or friends anywhere, anytime."

--George M., Clearwater, Florida

"I registered my living will because it is an organized, very simple way to make my wishes known. The fact that it is free was just a bonus.  Thank you for making my life a little easier."

--Angelia B., Virginia Beach, Virginia

"I have an Advanced Directive so that my wishes for my care are known.  If I am unable to voice my wishes this will let my caregivers know what I want done.  I would hope that legislation would be passed that this advanced directive would be accepted in all 50 states.  I NEVER want a bunch of politicians and media trying to make my lifecare decisions.

All of my family has been given a copy and the whole issue has been discussed."

--Name withheld, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"I think that everyone would want to do this."

--Name withheld, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"As a cancer survivor, this service has proven to be a comfort to myself and my family.  Thank you so much."

--Carolyn H., Winslow, Arizona

"I think it is a very valuable service to ease the pain of the surviving family."

--Rose L., Chicago, Illinois

"I took this out to make sure I am not tied to a machine to extend my life with no hope.  I am glad I did this so my family won't have to make the decision to end my life.  I think this is a valuable service to give me peace of mind."

--Helen C., Chicago, Illinois

"I wanted to do this to protect my family from having to make life ending decisions.  It would be too hard to pull the plug and also too expensive to use up all my life insurance money to pay bills to extend my life a month or more with no hope.

I am glad that I did this because it gives me peace of mind knowing my loved ones will not have to live their lives with any regrets.

This service is wonderful because it helps the doctors to know what I want when I cannot speak for myself.  And my family will not have to speak for me.  I have the right to have the end the way I want."

--Marianne P., Chicago, Illinois

"I travel quite a bit, and am glad to know my wishes are registered, that if something happens, wherever I might be, my wishes will be met."

--Name withheld, Denmark, Wisconsin

"We registered with the U.S. Living Will Registry as part of the process of planning for our retirement years.  The application process sparks important dialogue and introspection.  The more input I can have into these heart-wrenching decisions, the more I feel in control, and the more guidance I give my husband and children."

--Miriam H., S. Nyack, New York

"Our attorney for our Revocable Living Trust suggested we register with the U.S. Living Will Registry.  Prior to this, we were unaware of this service.

I am very pleased to have done so, as I know it will save my loved ones from the anguish of not knowing what to do should I become seriously incapacitated.

The case of Floridian (Terri Schiavo) certainly is a case in point.  With no clear evidence of her wishes, it was a very difficult time for all involved.

I am highly impressed with the way in which the U.S. Living Will Registry updates its information on a yearly basis.

I would highly recommend this particular service to any and all who might be interested in being a part of same.

Thank you for letting me express my comments."

--Ethel Q., Spring Hill, Florida

"I registered my durable power of attorney with U.S. Living Will Registry to prepare for major surgery.  I wanted to make sure my wishes were well documented in case something went wrong and I was unable to express them verbally.  All went well with my surgery and I am thankful that U.S. Living Will Registry provided me peace of mind with their valuable service."

--Pamela V., Dyersburg, Tennessee

"My husband and I travel to foreign countries at least once a year.  Since we are birdwatching, this travel includes so-called third-world countries.  We are grateful to lighten our load by having all of our serious illness and end of life documents accessible through U.S. Living Will Registry."

--Nancy D., Bradenton, Florida

"After witnessing the Terri Schiavo story, I thought it best to make sure my wishes were documented and the people I love and trusted most knew them.

The U.S. Living Will Registry makes it easy for hospitals, doctors and nurses to look up these directives quickly."

--Wendy R., Dyersburg, Tennessee

"I registered on the advice of the very competent lawyer who handled all my legal affairs after the death of my husband.  I'm very happy that I registered my advance directive and recommend that my friends do the same."

--Bernice B., Nyack, New York

"I'm very glad I registered my advance directive with the U.S. Living Will Registry because it has given me great peace of mind.  This is because I have a multiple endocrine neoplasia condition and an uncertain prognosis based on my family history.  I do not want my very religious husband's beliefs to override my own birth family's beliefs about euthanasia.  I have therefore designated my brothers to speak on my behalf should I ever be unable to do so."

--Name withheld, Renton, Virginia

"While I have never had to use the information, I feel comfortable knowing it is available when  needed."

--Mary S., Lakeside, Arizona

"If I am ever in a situation that I cannot speak for myself, it is a great comfort to me knowing in advance that my wishes will be honored as I have stated in my advance directive.  This is something that everyone should do, because you never know when or where something could happen, leaving you in a condition where you are not able to speak for yourself."

--Name withheld, McKenna, Washington

"Because of brain surgery a few years back...and not knowing the outcome...I was so glad to be able before hand to direct my family in what to do in the event that I was unable to speak  for myself after surgery.  They were happy to be able to know my wishes."

--Margaret D., Kent, Washington

"I think everyone should have a living will.  You should not leave that life or death decision to someone else.  You should let your loved ones know how you feel.  That way there is no doubt."

--Richard E., Fema, Ohio

"U.S. Living Will Registry provides a great service to me, personally, and to many of my patients.  In this day of extensive travel, I commend its vision and I highly recommend its use."

--Scott S., MD, Eureka, California

"Because of the members of my family I am glad to join the U.S. Living Will Registry.  My family is scattered throughout the U.S. and now they will be at ease in the event of my demise knowing that I will be properly taken care of in accordance with my wishes. 

I think this is a very valuable service.  I would be happy to recommend this to anyone."

--Charles J., Boulder City, Nevada

"I'm glad my husband and I are registered with the USLW registry and I tell my friends about is as well.

Fortunately we haven't had occasion to use it.  We have put the stamps with the registry telephone number on our drivers' licenses and health insurance cards."

--Name withheld, Greeley, Colorado

"I believe the Living Will concept is a splendid idea, and the ability to have a Registry which guarantees its availability makes it even better.

I am an 83 year old man, in seemingly good health, whose father and 36 year old son died of heart related problems.  I have had a treatable heart problem for almost 12 years and am aware of how suddenly they can surface.

My wife is not the agent chosen 'to pull the plug' if necessary, because she would be unlikely to support my wishes in that respect.  Instead, my daughters, both of whom have been RN's for over 20 years and understand my concerns, are my designated agents.

I have been on borrowed time for over 60 years, as a result of an army incident which killed a number of my close friends, and do not want to run the risk of a prolonged state of suspended animation, ''kept alive' by marvels of mechanical engineering."

--Francis G., Douglas, Arizona

"The U.S. Living Will Registry provides a very valuable service.  I'm very glad I registered my advance directive with them because it's so easy for my health providers to get my advance directive information anytime they might need it."

--Name withheld, Sanford, North Carolina

"I'm thankful for this service.  Many people in crisis situations are far from home and regular doctors and hospitals and even from our relatives (health care proxies).  It is comforting to know that your service is there for me and for any medical provider in times of crisis."

--Name withheld, Kenosha, Wisconsin

"Since I am 82 and have daughters in three states, there is no telling where I might be in case of a need for information Living Will Registry has on file.  I would recommend it to anyone.

I work as a volunteer (for Trauma Intervention Program) where we are called to "Be there" for emergency needs.  We had a death call where no one knew any of her relatives or desires.  The Living Will Registry would have been a great help."

--Name withheld, Sweet Home, Oregon

"I registered my advance directive because I wanted my wishes known and documented.  Yes, I am very glad I registered.  It has given me peace of mind.  Even though I have informed my family of my wishes, they might forget under duress or might feel guilty or unsure if the situation ever arose.  This way, it relieves them of the responsibility.  The U.S. Living Will Registry provides an invaluable service, and I would definitely recommend others to research it and see if it would fit their needs."

--Name withheld, Burlington, Kentucky

"I appreciate this service you have provided to me.  By having this Directory there is no question what your wishes are and can be backed up by contacting U.S. Living Will Registry.  Thank you so much."

----Helen H., Show Lou, Arizona

"Although we always carry a copy of the Living Will with us when we travel around the country in our RV, it's comforting to know that we can rely on medical facilities to have access to our Wills if something should happen to both of us.  It is a great safety net!"

--Name withheld, Grapeview, Washington

"U.S. Living Will Registry may be the best thing you could do to have a safe record of yourself, and your needs on file.  The worst thing you could do...is nothing at all."

--Gary M., Seattle, Washington

"This is a very valuable service...all Americans should apply.  Not only that your wishes are respected but you have the ability to provide life with your donations, also it is a good idea to donate your body for science."

--Stephen W., Virginia Beach, Virginia

"I feel this service is very beneficial.  Everyone should be registered in case of death or injury and the service is free."

--Edna W., Juneau, Alaska

"I was provided the opportunity to create and register my advance directive while preparing for an upcoming surgery.  It provided an opportunity for discussion with my family about my wishes and allowed a sense of freedom with one less thing to worry about as I went into surgery. 

The rest of my family decided it was also something they wanted to do and so we have all completed and registered our directives.  All three generations.

This is especially important to us as we are frequent travelers and may not always be near familiar surrounds and healthcare providers.  What a sense of freedom we've found."

--Grace W., Kent, Washington

"I believe that the Registry does a tremendous job of providing folks an outlet to formalize their wishes about their death.  It allows one to put into place people who will be advocates for the dying person.

Thinking about death as part of the natural life process is difficult for most of us.  But, essential if we care about our survivors."

--Richard D., Santa Fe, New Mexico

"My wife and I are grateful to Valley Medical Center, Renton, Washington, for making us aware of and enrolling us in the "US Living Will Registry."  As we travel nationally and internationally it gives us a certain degree of security in our health matters."

--Thomas P., Bremerton, Washington

"I feel this is an extremely helpful service and I truly thank you for providing it.  It gives me immense peace of mind to know that my wishes in these matters will be immediately available to those who need to know it should the time arise."

--Martin D., Fall Creek, Oregon

"What a great service.  Already used it for access. Nice to know there is ready availability of this information."

--Greg R., Veneta, Oregon

"My domestic partner, Kathy, and I want to ensure that our wishes are  followed in the event of our death.  We also rest easier knowing that we have a nationally registered will and durable power of attorney for healthcare.  We also like the national registry of our organ donor wishes!

We think the U.S. Living Will Registry provides an excellent and valuable service for us.  We regularly pass on this Registry information to friends and acquaintances.  Thanks for this valuable service!"

--Lynne A., Sequim, Washington

"The Living Will Registry ensures that my health care providers, friends and family have access to my decisions about my end-of-life care.  It provides me with a sense of security and peace of mind knowing my wishes will be respected."

--Joanne A., San Francisco, California








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